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So how do you play a murder mystery on Zoom?


Before the game: Each participant will receive information about their character. Some of the information will be secret, and at the beginning of the game the player will have to try and hide it.


Beginning of the game: After a short opening video, the game will start with a written scene. Each player will read the lines written for their character out loud. During the scene the murder will take place.


Step One - Investigation: You will now have 20 minutes to interrogate each other freely and try to find out who had the motive and opportunity to commit the murder. Please note - the killer does not know that they are the culprits . They need to find out all the information just like everyone else.


As mentioned, at this point there is information you will want to hide. But do not lie. If you are asked a direct question about something your character wishes to keep a secret, you will have no choice but to reveal the information.


Second stage - the evidence: When the time is up, after another short written scene, you will be divided into different rooms, where evidence will be waiting for you. At this point you will have 10 minutes to examine the evidence before you return to the main room automatically.


Step Three - All the Cards on the Table: After another short scene, you will have 30 minutes to reveal the identity of the killer. At this stage there is no point in keeping your secrets. Tell everything, share with the other participants the evidence you have discovered, and try to solve the mystery.


Final Step - The Solution: The final written scene will reveal all the secrets and you will find out if you solved the mystery correctly or if you allowed a cruel killer to roam free.

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